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26th Jul, 2022


Can a healthy diet equal a healthy mind?

Good news – scientists have found mood-boosting benefits related to eating a plant-based diet. This is largely because a diet high in plants is great for our gut microbiome, which keeps so much of our bodies in check. 

The Mediterranean diet, for example, which is hugely focused on fruit, vegetables and legumes, is associated with better mental health than the typical Western diet, filled with saturated fat, sugar and salt.

Can our diet can also help us avoid mental illness?

Scientists say that the plant-heavy Mediterranean diet could help to avoid depression. 

One reason for this is that a diet high in fibre – which is largely found in fruit and vegetables – could lower inflammation in the body. 

Fibre, gut, also lowers risk of depression possibly through inflammation, as this could influence the neurotransmitters – signals sent from our brains – going around our bodies. 

What’s the best ‘happy’ diet?

There are numerous studies suggesting that diet high in fruit and vegetables, healthy fats and probiotics, and low in sugar and sat fat, is best for our mood. Funnily enough, there are no studies suggesting that a diet high in sugar, salt and saturated fat, on the other hand, is good for our brains. 

You might feel a surge of happiness when eating something sugary, but in the long term, science is telling us that the best way to regulate our mood is to treat our bodies to a colourful, fibre-full diet. 

That’s why TYME doesn’t rely on sugar hits or saturated fat-highs – we design nutrient-dense meals to give you the best chance of beating those Monday blues.

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