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1st Jan, 2021

We're on a mission, or maybe two...To make it easy for you to eat well. And to save the planet with plants.

We all want to eat better. But it’s tough. We don’t have the time, we don’t know where to start and, frankly, healthy food can feel a little bland. That’s why we created TYME. It’s food that tastes great, boosts your health, and does wonders for the planet too. Because eating more plants is the single best thing you can do for yourself and the environment. We’re not saying eating TYME will save the planet, but it’s a pretty good start.

Your impact: Eating a TYME plant based diet vs a meat based diet has a significant positive impact on the planet.

How do we do that?

  • Plastic-free: Not only that, but we’ve committed to eliminating plastic in all our packaging. From our glass jars to our compostable labels, we are 100% plastic-free. That’s a first in the food industry, and it means you are choosing to create a cleaner environment, free of single-use plastic.
  • Well-being: Plant-based eating provides powerful, scientifically proven advantages for health, wellness, and longevity.Swapping out meat and dairy for plants has been shown to increase energy, sharpen focus, and boost productivity. Plus our resealable jars fit pretty perfectly into that gym bag of yours.
  • Health: Science has shown us that the more meat we eat, the higher our risk of diabetes, heart disease, and strokes. Conversely, the more plants we eat, the lower our risk for these diseases, and the lower our body mass index. It’s really that simple - eat more plants, stay healthy for longer.

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