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Vertical Farming Takes Root in the City

20th Jan, 2023


As London continues to grow and evolve, so too do our methods of producing fresh, healthy food. Enter vertical farming – the cutting-edge solution to feeding a bustling metropolis. By stacking layers upon layers of crops in a controlled environment, vertical farms are able to produce an abundance of fresh produce right in the heart of the city. Say goodbye to long transportation times and hello to fresh, locally grown greens. And the best part? It's all done with minimal impact on the environment. 

The Future is Bright

The future of vertical farming in London is looking bright and has the potential to impact the city's sustainability in food production. Vertical farming is a way of growing plants in stacked layers, usually using hydroponic or aeroponic systems, allowing for efficient use of space, less water usage, and year-round fresh and locally-grown produce.

In London specifically, more and more people are recognising the benefits of eating fresh, nutritious food that is grown locally, and vertical farming makes it possible to produce this food in urban areas, reducing the need for transportation and lowering carbon emissions.

Not only that, but vertical farming can create new jobs and economic opportunities in London and as technology and techniques improve, more and more businesses will enter the market, making it a thriving industry. Of course, like any new industry, there are challenges - space can be an issue in London since it's such a densely populated city, but there are solutions like using rooftops and repurposed buildings. The upfront cost can also be a challenge, but in the long run, vertical farming can save thousands on water and energy usage, ultimately increasing productivity while also promoting sustainability - it’s a big “yes please!” from us.

If you’d like to get involved or find out more, we’ve listed below some key players we love in the vertical farming industry here in London.

Sky Greens

Sky Greens is a cutting-edge company that is revolutionising how we think about food production. Based in London's East End and founded in 2012, they have developed a patented A-frame system that allows them to grow fresh and nutritious vegetables and herbs on rooftops and in repurposed buildings. By utilising hydroponics and water-smart technologies, they are able to grow produce without the need for soil or sunlight. This innovative approach is both environmentally friendly and highly efficient, making Sky Greens a leader in the industry.

GrowUp Urban Farms

GrowUp Urban Farms is a social enterprise located in East London using cutting-edge vertical farming technologies to grow fresh produce in repurposed buildings. Pioneers in the industry, they've built the UK’s first commercial aquaponic farm - it's a unique system that combines fish and plants in a closed loop ecosystem, which is not only good for the environment, it’s also super productive.

Harvest London

Harvest London is an innovative London-based company that makes it easy to enjoy fresh, locally-grown produce in the city. They've created a mobile, stackable vertical farming system that makes use of cutting-edge technology like controlled environment agriculture and LED lighting, allowing them to grow a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs. They're currently located in East London growing delicious produce in a repurposed shipping container. 

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